Marsh’s Free Museum in Long Beach, Washington

Marsh’s Free Museum has entertained visitors to Long Beach, Washington since 1935.? Perhaps best known for tabloid king Jake the Alligator Man, Marsh’s is a treasure trove of a curiosity shop.

Marsh's Free Museum Long Beach Wa

Inside you’ll find turn-of-the-century machines, from Victorian era music makers such as an imported French Canary music box and a self-playing violin, to fortune tellers, nickel peep shows and a love meter.

Oh, the oddities within!? Be sure to visit the wonders of the 7 Seas and Marsh’s Wild Taxidermy collection and, when you visit in person, take home a FREE sea shell.? Antiques abound, some for sale and many not (like the bowl made from human skin).

A visit to Marsh’s is not complete without paying homage to Jake the Alligator Man.? Learn all about Jake, join his fan club, buy some Gator Gear, and make plans to attend his 75th Birthday Party, over at Jake’s Place.

Person holding Sea Shells.